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College and Career Readiness (CCR)

One of the four priority goals of Rockdale ISD is to ensure that all students have a foundation for success. This success is built upon the mastery of reading, writing, mathematics, and scientific principles, but is amplified in scope by the addition of college and career readiness (CCR) standards. From kindergarten to graduation, students are prepared academically and held to rigorous expectations in both core and non-core areas. This post-secondary readiness plan and organizer is a tool to help students of all ages strategically plan his/her future after leaving the K-12 school system.

As defined by the Educational Policy Improvement Center (EPIC), college- and career-ready students have “the knowledge and skills to keep learning beyond secondary school, first in formal settings and then in the workplace through their careers, so that they are capable of adapting to unpredictable changes and new economic conditions and opportunities.” Dr. David Conley, leading author on the subject, adds,

“A student’s interests and post-high school aspirations influence the precise knowledge and skill profiles necessary to be ready for postsecondary studies. [...] The measure of success should be student success in their chosen field of postsecondary education of post-high school training.”

RISD’s plan is to prepare each student academically and introduce them to a variety of pathways and careers so that they may find what they have a true interest in, can be passionate about, and are academically prepared for to build the foundation for success.

Each year presents a series of opportunities both at home and in school for the student to gain knowledge and skills towards college and career readiness. The first part of the plan is for K-8, and is a guide for the school, students, and parents to use to help build the foundation for success toward CCR.

Rockdale Ready! College and Career Readiness Postsecondary Organizer


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