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School Safety Programs

As a district, we have in place several programs to ensure schools are safe. These include but are not limited to:

  • District and Campus Safety Teams

  • Security Cameras

  • Crisis-Go Alert Systems

  • ID badges for employees as well as contracted service providers (cafeteria, bus, etc.), and visitors while on district property

  • Visitor check-in software 

  • Emergency Operations Plans

  • School Resource Officer

  • School Safety Specialist

  • Gaggle 

  • Smart Tags 

  • Anonymous Reporting for Staff and Students 

  • Safety drills

  • For each campus: campus specific security measures, updated employee emergency call lists, and an inventory of emergency supplies and equipment.

When working together, we help maintain a safe and positive school environment for every child. 


Tiffany Whitsel

Assistant Superintendent of State & Federal Programs

Allen Sanders

RES/RIS School Safety Specialist