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Safety & Security Committee

The purpose of the School Safety and Security Committee is to:

Periodically provide recommendations to the district’s board of trustees and district administrators regarding updating the district multi-hazard emergency operations plan required by Section 37.108(a) in accordance with best practices identified by the agency, the Texas School Safety Center, or a person included in the registry established by the Texas School Safety Center under Section 37.2091; and Consult with local law enforcement agencies on methods to increase law enforcement presence near district campuses.

The committee, to the greatest extent practicable, must include:

  • One or more representatives of an office of emergency management of a county or city in which the district is located;
  • One or more representatives of the local police department or sheriff’s office;
  • One or more representatives of the district’s police department, if applicable;
  • The president of the district’s board of trustees;
  • A member of the district’s board of trustees other than the president;
  • The district’s superintendent;
  • One or more designees of the district’s superintendent, one of whom must be a classroom teacher in the district;
  • Two parents or guardians of students enrolled in the district

Committee Meeting Dates


Committee Meeting Agendas and Minutes


Tiffany Whitsel

Assistant Superintendent of State & Federal Programs

Allen Sanders

RES/RIS School Safety Specialist