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Rockdale ISD is committed to providing all students with a safe and nurturing learning environment. If any student currently enrolled in our district does not feel safe and secure at school, we want to know about it. Rockdale ISD has resources and a communications process in place to assist families in discussing or reporting any concerns, including experiences with bullying, harassment, and threats. We can act on these concerns when we know about them and, as a result, better serve our students and families.

Students or parents in the school community can anonymously submit any suspicious activity, bullying, or other student-related issues to a school administrator(s) and RISD Anonymous Reporting System.

Parents may also email the student’s teacher, campus principal, or counselor. The following details must be provided to expedite the initial investigation and response:

Campus name
Name of Rockdale ISD student (the alleged victim)
Parent name/contact information
Names of witnesses
Names of alleged perpetrators
A detailed description of the alleged event
Date of the alleged event
Location of the alleged event
Supporting documentation/or other evidence supporting the allegations (if applicable)
Other information the reporter feels is relevant to the complaint

In order to conduct a thorough investigation, it is important that reports include the specific information listed above. Rockdale ISD will fully comply with applicable state and federal laws and regulations as well as board policies in response to reports. In emergency situations requiring immediate assistance, please call 911.

The Texas School Safety Center has developed a bullying checklist for schools to assist in determining if an action or actions constitute bullying (or cyberbullying) under the Texas Education Code. The checklist facilitates a step by step decision process that is mapped to the various components of the law. The checklist can be downloaded below.

TxSSC Bullying Checklist English

TxSSC Bullying Checklist Spanish



Tiffany Whitsel

Assistant Superintendent of State & Federal Programs

Allen Sanders

RES/RIS School Safety Specialist