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Yearbook Archival

Aycock High School Yearbook

"The Tiger 1959"

The 1959 Annual was the only yearbook ever published for Aycock High School. Principal O.E. Wilhite once told Aycock historian Susie Sansom Piper, "My greatest rewards as an educator were when we were able to get a band at Aycock, when I can look back and see the achievements of my students all over the United States, but most of all, when the Class of 1959 published the only annual Aycock ever had. To me, that was a very great moment in my life."

The Tiger 1959

Rockdale High School Yearbooks

"The Lair"

  • 1927 - The very first yearbook and George Session Perry's senior year
  • 1936 - A complete history of Milam County, Rockdale, and Rockdale Public Schools