2017 Sept 20: It Takes a Village

The community of Rockdale has always risen to the occasion and provided help to those in need in various ways through many generations. This week Rockdale Junior High Principal Ms. Kelly Blair has some important ways she and her staff are encouraging the students on her campus to continue giving assistance to those less fortunate and need our support.

        Over the past several weeks our neighboring communities have been devastated by hurricanes, flooding, and high winds.  Basic needs that we have all taken for granted such as running water, electricity, shelter, food, and water have been stripped from thousands of Texans. Many large organizations and high profile individuals have responded, using their platforms to raise millions of dollars for those affected.  The staggering figures have far surpassed anyone’s expectations.  These stories have been featured across local and national new stations.  Citizen’s across the country have recognized a need and responded financially in a big, big way!  The road to recovery will be long, but thanks to donations, thousands of families will receive the much needed financial support to rebuild their lives.  While monetary aide is a critical aspect of the relief efforts, many who were unable to contribute have equally responded to social, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs.  Strangers who have risked their lives to save others, giving their time and resources to members of their community.  Stories like these make me proud to be a Texan!


        So how do stories like these, relate to the small community of Rockdale?  Hundreds of people right here in our own community wake up each day, facing these same physical, mental, emotional, and social challenges.  How can we unite as a community and do our part, to support someone in need today? 


        Rockdale Junior High began the school year with a community walk, in which every student in the city limits was greeted by a teacher at their front door to welcome them to a new school year.  Parents and students alike were pleasantly surprised by such a small act that cost virtually nothing.  This year, we are committed to continuing these efforts and do our part to “raise the village”.  I challenge each of you, to reach out to our schools and contribute what you can for the students of Rockdale ISD.


        RJH will do their part by offering several events involving our staff, students and parents alike.  Our P.E. classes will compete in Jump and Hoops for Heart to raise funds for the American Heart Association.  We will also host a kickball tournament which will raise money for cancer awareness along with a “Skate for Cancer” at our local skate park.  Just before the Christmas break, students will host and compete in a social skill building event called “Rockdale’s Got Talent”.  We will also hold a hot chocolate social along with an ice cream social with proceeds benefiting our RJH community garden.  Throughout the school year, students will participate in a school wide recycling program along with a Water Challenge to bring awareness to environmentalism. 


        So, how can you get involved?  Whether it is time, resources, or simply mentoring a student in need; do your part in raising “our village”.