2017 Sept 13: Rockdale Intermediate's Parent Involvement

Success at school for any Rockdale ISD student begins at home. The support of parents who are willing to insure their child is ready to learn is vital. The role parents have in the educational experience can have an impact that can last a lifetime. This week Kathy Pelzel, Rockdale Intermediate Principal, has important information regarding parental involvement on her campus.


          This week we would like to discuss parent involvement at Rockdale Intermediate School. There have been a plethora of studies done over several decades on the subject of student success as it relates to parental involvement in the educational process. There are many benefits that can be observed in students with parents who are closely involved with their studies and school life.


          Studies show that children tend to reach higher levels of achievement regardless of racial background, socioeconomic status, or parental education level. These students have better grades, attendance, and complete their homework consistently. They tend to have a positive attitude about school in general and more self-esteem which lends itself to better conduct and productivity.


          All of these things are what every parent wants for their child but how does one participate in the process in a way that achieves these results? There are a lot of ways to get involved in a way that makes your student feel that education is important and that you care about achieving success inside the home. Doing a nightly homework check is a great way to show your student that you are interested in what they have done at school today. Reading with your child and completing their reading log results is some great quality time where you can get lost in a story together. Just talking to your child about what they are learning this week makes them feel that it is important.


          There are also some great ways to be involved at the campus level as well. Simply having lunch with your child in the cafeteria is a really enjoyable way to engage when you happen to have time on a particular day. We have a Campus Education Council that is always looking for more parents. Each semester we have a Family Night and we would love it if every parent and student could attend. The PTO always welcomes additional volunteers. Parent Teach Conferences are an important way to learn about successes and challenges your student is facing. We also hold EAFK and STUCO ceremonies and having parents in attendance makes them much more special for everyone. We always appreciate volunteers and encourage you to communicate often with your child’s teacher.


          The faculty at RIS thoroughly enjoys working with our student body. A strong parent/teacher and especially parent/child communication link with regard to education results in success in all cases. It only improves their education. Contact the office at your child’s campus for more opportunities to get involved!