2017 Sept 6: Anchors Away at Rockdale Elementary

Rockdale Elementary School has their campus “full speed ahead” as they begin their 2017-18 school year. This week Ms. Alesha Eoff, RES Principal, has the spotlight, and would like to share many great opportunities for her students and staff during their educational journey this year.


TREASURED. VALUED. RESPECTED.  LOVED.  Those four words are our guiding compass at Rockdale Elementary School as we embark on the 20217-2018 school year.  We treasure each of our students, value their ideas, respect their individual uniqueness and personalities, and love them unconditionally.  Keeping these principles in mind, our teachers and staff have spent hours this summer to prepare classrooms to welcome our children, to map out a dynamic curriculum, and create a positive school environment that celebrates success and fosters a love of learning.  


Our teachers have worked diligently to strengthen their academic focus this school year.  Several of our teachers attended a Professional Learning Communities conference this summer.  The main emphasis of this conference was to gain the knowledge and skills required to develop quality Professional Learning Communities (PLC’s) in our elementary.  We began this process last year, and are continuing to implement what we learned.  We are looking closely at individual student achievement.  We are focusing on what we want the students to learn (the curriculum), and how we assess that they have learned the desired curriculum.  We are not only planning interventions for those students that haven’t met those expectations, but also developing extension activities for those students who have met the expectations.  We are working to develop goals and strategies to meet the needs of all students by looking closely at the achievement of each individual child.


As a school, we not only value your child and his/her education, but we value YOU as well.  Parents, your role in the education of your child is paramount to your child’s success. Thank you for all you have done and will continue to do to make RISD the best district around. We encourage the partnership between home and school, and do all that we can to ensure the strength of this partnership. We ask that you volunteer, attend school activities, and to keep in close communication with your child’s teacher.  We welcome you into our school and invite you to take part in the many opportunities to join along with us on this exciting adventure.  Research has proven that when parents and schools collaborate together, student achievement soars.  So please keep an eye out for opportunities to join us!


Our staff is committed to providing a learning environment which equips students with skills to help them to flourish and be successful.  We believe that we are responsible for the academic, social, emotional and physical well-being and development of the children in our care.  Our goal is to develop the whole child and enable them to become more independent as they grow, and our school theme is that we are “Anchored in Excellence and Cruising to Success!”.  We strive to be excellent in all that we do, so our children will be successful in all that they do.  We invite you to set sail with us on an unprecedented learning adventure filled with exciting educational experiences that both challenge and excite the minds of our young learners.

An outstanding adventure awaits...won’t you join us?