2017 May 10: Intermediate's Early Act First Knight Rotary Club

The development of effective leadership skills is essential for students at any age. The Rockdale Intermediate School has been involved with a leadership program this year sponsored by our local Rotary Club, and this week Principal and Rotary Club Member Kathy Pelzel has more information regarding this very successful program on her campus.


          Rockdale Intermediate School recently organized and implemented our first ever Early Act First Knight Rotary Club. The club will focus on service learning. It is important that all members of society understand the critical need for community service if we want to create a healthy city, state, and nation. Rockdale Intermediate School believes that even our youngest members can accomplish a great deal if given the opportunity.


          RIS students complete many service activities throughout the school year by providing donations of food/money for Christmas Roundup and cooking desserts for the Senior Citizen Center. Our EAFK Rotary club has set its focus on supporting animals through the local animal shelter and have developed a fundraiser to do so. Below is an announcement from our club officers.


Good Morning,


We are members of the EAFK Rotary club. My name is Karroline Bullock and I am the president. My name is Braden Pickel and I am the president elect.


Our EAFK Rotary club is selling Lucy calendars as a fundraiser. We are trying to raise money to help support PAWS animal shelter. The Lucy calendars are $10.00 a piece. If you would like to purchase a calendar, they are located in the front office at Rockdale Intermediate School.


Thank you for supporting the CAUSE for PAWS!


          Through these projects, our students are able to make a meaningful contribution to the community. Their hard work yields real results for real people with immediately observable success. The satisfaction of helping others through a time of need is a lesson that is not easily forgotten and will pay dividends throughout a person’s lifetime. We are proud of the students’ accomplishments and thank everyone in our community who support the effort through donations that help these children become active and successful citizens of whatever community they live in.