2017 Feb 22: RJH Prepares for Success

Developing an effective plan can prove to be an asset no matter what type of project or job you do. Education is no different, Kelly Blair, Rockdale Junior High Principal, and her staff are preparing for the future. Specifically, plans for the upcoming 2017-18 school year on the RJH campus.

          This year has been an exciting year for Rockdale Junior High. We have had many successes – academically, athletically, and musically. As RJH plans ahead for the 2017 - 2018 school year, we are excited about making positive changes that will impact student achievement.

          Junior high students will still have an eight class period day. Currently at RJH, math and reading classes are double blocked, which means students are in those classes for two consecutive periods. Next school year, RJH students will only have one period each of math and reading. However, RJH will be adding intervention classes for students who fail to meet the standard on this year’s STAAR assessments. These intervention classes will replace one elective in the student’s schedule. Intervention classes will be geared towards providing students with the needed academic support to help them on the next STAAR assessment. The class sizes will be small to allow teachers to focus on each student’s individual needs.

          There will some changes in electives for the next school year. RJH will offer a technology course, which will provide an introduction to keyboarding with a focus on typing skills.  Students will learn about Microsoft Office programs including Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Publisher. RJH sixth graders will have the choice of selecting Pre-Athletics or PE. Pre-Athletics will introduce students to the basic skills necessary to compete in many of the UIL sports offered, and is intended for students who plan to be in athletics in seventh and eighth grade. Pre-Athletics will involve a more strenuous daily routine while teaching the rules and skills associated with the sports in season. RJH introduced the SUCCEED class this school year and will continue to offer it next year. This course focuses on providing students with skills that will help them be successful at school, in their relationships with others, and build strong character. Students discuss grades, the importance of organizational skills, and the benefits of college or technical school. Students create goals for life, careers, and learn how to interact appropriately with people on a daily basis. Other courses offered include Beginning Band, Symphonic Band, Art I & II, and Physical Education.

          There are still three months left in this school year. There are many activities and events still in store (STAAR, UIL Band, awards ceremonies, 8th grade promotion), and the teachers and administrators at Rockdale Junior High are looking forward to finishing this year well and creating a successful 2017 – 2018 school year.