2017 Feb 1: High School iTigers Coordinator

The iTigers program at Rockdale High School has a first year coordinator on their campus this school year, however the program has had a very smooth transition. This week will be the first of many opportunities for Mrs. Kristin Jakubik to share what is happening in iTigers at the high school.

          As the new incoming iTigers coordinator at the high school for the 2016-17 school year I had some large and very well-loved shoes to fill.  Lucky for me, I had the help of predecessor Denise Doss, the RISD administration, and my fellow coordinators to help me settle in. Thanks to them and the wonderful students at Rockdale High School, I feel like we have gotten this year with the iTigers program, off to a great start!

          It is important to know that iTigers is not just for struggling students. While yes, we do have tutorials before and after school for those students who need extra help in one of their classes, we also have after-school enrichment such as cooking class, guitar lessons, and even a book study. This semester we are working through the book, “97 Things To Do Before You Finish High School.” It is my goal to have the students at RHS prepared for things beyond classroom learning.

          iTigers is also for the community. Just last week Rockdale High School iTigers posted a clothing giveaway we're approximately 20 people from the community came and were able to go home with bags of clothing and other items for their families. 

iTigers is also for parents. The 21st century Grant which is the funding source for iTigers, provides a pot of money so that we can provide continuing education and/or vocational learning to parents of our students to assist them in being better able to provide for their family. We are currently working to gather a group of interested parents, so that we can begin the process of aiding them in getting this training/education. This is a corner stone of the grant and we look forward to using the funds to help those who are interested.

          Last week, parents should have gotten a survey sent home to let us know that they are interested in this program and what specific areas interest them. We encourage them to return the survey and get in contact with their respective iTigers coordinators at their child’s campus should they have any additional questions. We look forward to continuing to make a difference at RISD, in the Community and with the Parents.