2015 Dec 9: RJH UIL Academics Results

Competition is always a great way to encourage participation, and learning. Students at Rockdale Junior High had that opportunity last week, and Principal April Eschberger has a number of results to share with us this week.

Rockdale Junior High School students competed in the academic UIL meet on Thursday, December 3. The meet was held in Franklin and 83 students traveled to the meet to compete in the various events. Mr. Michael Young is the UIL director. The junior high coaches have been working hard with the students for their individual competitions. Art Memory was coached by Mrs. Young. The 6th grade team composed of Hannah Lehmkuhl (6th individual), Jadelynn Warren (4th individual), Heather Murphy (2nd individual), and Payton Shuffield (first individual) placed first. The 7th grade team composed of Averie Hobbs (2nd individual), Jaylynn Stutts (3rd individual), and Mallory McDaniel (4th individual) also placed first. And the 8th grade team placed first with Angel Hollan, Whitley Boyd (3rd individual), Vanessa Reyes (2nd individual), Emily Depine (1st individual), and Marina Costilla (5th individual). The 6th grade calculator team coached by Ms. Austin placed 3rd with Hayden Aguilar, Alize Llanas, and Breanna Avila.

The chess teams were coached by Mrs. Elliott. The 6th grade team placed 2nd with Andrew Hicks (2nd individual), Kade Marburger (6th individual), and Trey Jacob. The 7th grade team placed 1st with McKade Casas (1st individual), Eddie Klekar (2nd individual), and Christian Briggs (3rd individual). The 8th grade chess team placed Logan Plam (2nd individual), Nathan Thomas (4th individual), and Brian Bell (6th individual). Jaylynn Stutts placed 3rd in dictionary skills.

Editorial writing placed several individual writers. Mallory McDaniel placed 3rd, Brande Briethaupt placed 4th, Tyley Arledge placed 3rd, Lane Wallace placed 4th, Xavier Matchett placed 5th, Nick Brindle placed 1st, Devon Whitsel placed 3rd, and Marina Costilla placed 5th. Impromptu speaking coached by Mrs. Roddam placed some individual speakers. Kobe Mitchell placed 2nd, Aaron Avila was 5th, and Anthony Dansby placed 3rd, Jace Robinson placed 4th , and Reese Weise placed 5th. Cady Barcak placed 1st in 6th grade Modern Oratory coached by Mr. King.

Listening Skills coached by Ms. Murphy placed 2nd as a team with Brande Breithaupt (3rd individual), Katia Hernandez (4th individual), and Ivanna Luna. Justice Mayberry placed 1st individual and Hagen Land placed 5th individual in the 7th grade competition. The 8th grade team placed 3rd with Sabrina Pantaleon (6th individual), Devon Whitsel, and Whitley Boyd. Mathematics coached by Mrs. Loewe placed the 6th grade team 3rd with Brande Breithaupt (5th individual), Kade Marburger (6th individual), and Destiny Clarke. Hayden Aguilar placed 6th place in 7th grade competition. The 8th grade team placed 3rd with Keylan Hairston (3rd individual), Jared Stanberry, and Nygia Crawford.

In Maps, Graphs, and Charts coached by Mrs. Cedidla Joseph Miller placed 5th in the 6th grade contest and Xavier Matchett placed 6th in the 7th grade competition. The 8th grade team placed 3rd with Jagger Rubio (6th individual), Payton Miller, and Caleb Cook-Parker. Number Sense coached by Mr. Clark placed 1st as a team in the 6th grade with Jake Hasselbach (1st individual), Hayden Aguilar (2nd individual), and Aiden Borrero (5th individual). The 7th grade team placed 1st with Arianna Eastridge (1st individual), Brayden Burns, and Enrique Rivera. Trey Hill placed 3rd individually and Brandon Hernandez 4th individually in the 8th grade competition.

Oral reading coached by Mrs. Roddam placed Cady Barcak 1st, Taytum Young 3rd, and Katia Hernandez 5th in the sixth grade contest and Lilly Phillips 5th in the seventh grade contest. In Ready Writing coached by Ms. Bexley placed Makailah Huff 5th individual, Ethan Ingram 5th individual, and Kiersten Hyvl 6th individual. Seventh grade science coached by Ms. Thompson placed third with McKade Casas (3rd individual), Caleb Cook-Parker, and Anthony Dansby. The eighth grade science team coached by Mrs. Mynar placed third with Nick Brindle (4th individual), Whitley Boyd (6th individual), and Hailey Bangert. Social Studies coached by Mr. Young placed the 6th grade team second with Jake Hasselbach (2nd individual), Taytum Young, and Creek Windham. The seventh grade team placed second with Ethan Taylor (3rd individual), Hagen Land (4th individual), and McKade Casas. Isaisas Balderas placed 5th individual in the 8th grade competition.

The sixth grade spelling team placed third with Andrea Ruiz (6th individual), Aubrey Brindle, and Talayeh Green. The eighth grade team placed third with Andrea Salazar (5th individual) and Lexi Baggerly. The spelling team coach was Mrs. Scott.

The One-Act Play competition will be held on Tuesday, December 8th in Cameron. Students will be performing “Quiet Please”. This is the first time Rockdale has participated in junior high one-act play. The director is Ms. Andey Perez. The cast are McKade Casas, Michael Radar, Cady Barcak, Brian Perez, Irma Nesbit, Riley Hendeson, Mackenzie Musto. The crew members are Katia Hernandez, Hannah Lehmkuhl, Kiersten Hyvl, Mia Lambright, Nygia Crawford. We are very proud of these one-act play members as they performed dress rehearsal for English classes last Friday. We are excited that many of our students placed in the competitions in Franklin and appreciate their hard work toward UIL.