2015 Oct 7: RISD's Career and Technology Education (CTE) Program

Rockdale ISD has completed our 1st Six-weeks of school, and honestly it has flown by with students and staff working hard to expand their minds and horizons. One program that has had a tremendous impact already this school year is our CTE program. Sari McCoy, our CTE Director, has more information to share this week regarding this successful program at RISD.

Annually, Career and Technology Education (CTE) expands in both the State of Texas and locally in Rockdale ISD. According to the Career and Technology Association of Texas (CTAT), “77% of all high school students take at least one CTE course, and one in four students take three or more courses in a single program area.” Here in Rockdale, 89% of our students are enrolled in a CTE course.

There are 16 Federal Career Clusters which provide a framework for programs of study in secondary and post-secondary education. Rockdale ISD is proud to offer courses in 11 of the 16 clusters.

These clusters are:

  • Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources
  • Architecture & Construction
  • Arts, A/V Technology, & Communications
  • Business, Management, & Administration
  • Finance
  • Health Science
  • Human Services
  • Information Technology
  • Manufacturing
  • Marketing, Sales, & Service
  • Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math
CTAT reports that “according to the data from the Texas Education Agency, students who take two or more CTE courses have lower drop out rates, higher graduation rates, better attendance rates, and higher scores on standardized exams than students who take one or no CTE courses.”

It is the determination of RISD’s CTE program to prepare students for academic success in post-secondary institutions and to train them in the essential ‘soft skills’ needed for the 21st Century workforce. Rick Stephens, the Senior Vice President of HR for The Boeing Corporation, said, “We hire for hard skills. We fire for soft skills.” In RISD, we fill our CTE student’s toolbox with both the hard and soft skills they need for their future achievements.

As previously mentioned, RISD expands their CTE program every year. One of the fundamental drivers of this expansion is our partnerships with community businesses and organizations. We need you!

If you currently collaborate with RISD CTE, we are deeply grateful. If you do not, please take this opportunity to consider establishing a profitable relationship with the RISD CTE program. It is our desire to offer students real-world experiences in all businesses and industries. Through this partnership, you significantly contribute to our training which ensures that we are developing the 21st Century employee that you desire for your organization. 

For more information, please contact Sari McCoy, Director of Career and Technology Education. It’s a great day to be a Tiger!