2015 Sept 16: RJH Lunch & Learn

Every year Rockdale ISD looks for new innovative ways to provide information to our students, and this year is no different. Rockdale Junior High Principal Mrs. April Eschberger has a new and effective approach to inform her students about various careers during their lunch time.

The new school year is off to a quick, but great start. One of the new additions to the junior high school this year is the Lunch and Learn. This program will allow students to be exposed to various careers and college information. Each month a guest speaker will be coming to the junior high during both lunch periods. The journalism students will be creating the school flyers and the student tickets to attend. Thirty students will be able to sign up to attend the program. Students will bring their lunch to the room and eat as they listen to the speaker. Our goal is to be able to provide ten different speakers that will talk about various careers or aspects of college. Students will be able to attend those Lunch and Learns that interest them.

Our first speaker will be Dr. Dee Ellis on September 30. Dr. Ellis is the state veterinarian and will be speaking to students about veterinary medicine and careers in agriculture. Students interested in these careers will sign-up to attend the lunch. The October speaker will be Dewayne Garrett from KBTX speaking to students about news and sports broadcasting in addition to advertising careers. The November speaker will be Trey Pearson from TSTC (Texas State Technical College). Mr. Pearson will inform students about the application process at TSTC, the programs available to students including welding and HVAC. The speaker for December will be Courtney Paulsen from Little River Healthcare who will provide information to students on medical and health science careers. These speakers will round out our first semester


of school. The second semester will continue to provide additional career and college information. The junior high is looking forward to exposing our students to careers and preparing them for high school and their futures. We are excited to offer our first Lunch and Learn in two weeks and hope that our students will benefit from the program.