2015 Sept 09: RISD Food Services

This week I would like to highlight a very important program on all of Rockdale ISD’s campuses, Food Service. I know most, if not every parent or community member can recall eating at the school cafeteria. Standing in line, getting their card punched and the divided tray with their mini milk carton are memories that stay with us. Like many other school programs, food service has had many changes over the years. RISD is very pleased with our food service management company, Southwest Food Service that prepares nutritious meals for our students every school day. Trevor Lee, Director of Dining Services has a very important and useful announcement regarding a new program parents can access to gain more information about their child’snutrition at school.

SFE (Southwest Food Service Excellence) is excited to introduce the My School Menus™ to your school district. My School Menus™ allows you to quickly and easily access daily menus, nutrient fact labels, meal prices, and allergens. A nutrient calculator and allergen filter ensures that all students, parents, and teachers have a healthy meal option everyday! It will also enable you to plan meals in advance, which can assist in counting calories/points. Additionally, by having access to our online menus, we believe it will help you make healthier choices, as you will have access to nutrition information for the school meal programs right at your fingertips.

It is important to SFE that you have access to the best nutrition because we care about your health. We are excited about My School Menus™ which enables parents, students, and teachers to make healthy food choices 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

Parents of the Rockdale School District can access this service by going to your district’s food service page at Rockdaleisd.net. SFE looks forward to working together to utilize this app as one more tool to provide your students and community with the best nutrition possible. If you have trouble accessing My School Menus™ or have questions, contact Trevor Lee at (512) 430-6098 or via email at tlee@rockdaleisd.net