2018 Dec 19: RIS Student Council

The Rockdale ISD campuses are always looking for ways to keep school interesting and fun especially around the holidays. Rockdale Intermediate School Counselor Keely Reisner has a report this week on the RIS Student Council and their latest activities.

Here at Rockdale Intermediate our Student Council has been quite busy! For the 5th year in a row our Student Council held a fundraising campaign selling turkey feathers.  For seven school days leading up to the release for the Thanksgiving Holiday, Student Council officers and members arrived at school each morning by 7:15 to sell turkey feathers.  The three teachers with the most feathers at the end of that time had to dress up like a turkey the Friday we released for the holiday. They not only had to dress up and help with dismissal wearing the costume but they had to dance to the Turkey Hokey Pokey that morning for the entire student body wearing their costumes.  Student Council raised over $450 dollars selling feathers! Mr. McMahon, Mr. Headley and Mrs. Pickel were the winners and did a fabulous job supporting our Student Council in their challenge of raising money to donate to Christmas Roundup. Because of the amazing support by our teachers and students we were able to donate $300 to help with toys and food for Christmas Roundup.  Later this month our officers along with the officers from Rockdale Intermediate EAFK Rotary Club officers will go over and help pack boxes for Christmas Roundup Delivery. Thanks again for all the support we received!!!