2018 Dec 5: Holiday Happenings at Rockdale Elementary School

The Holidays are always a very special time of year for all students, but it seems to be extra special for our elementary students. Ms. Elesha Eoff, RES Principal, has the opportunity this week to share what is happening on her campus, so read and enjoy.

November and December are exciting months for our students at Rockdale Elementary.  We had several events for our students that centered around Thanksgiving, celebrating the season, competing in events, and giving to others.  

One of our events was the annual Pre-Kindergarten Extravaganza.  Seeing our PreKindergarten students dressed as turkeys, Native Americans, and Pilgrims is a highlight of the show.  Everyone is impressed with the work they put into the show, and we are always amazed by the singing, dancing, speaking parts, and work that goes into making this show such a delight to watch.  Families and friends came to watch them perform and they put on a great show!

Another fun learning event that happened was in Kindergarten.  The Kindergarten teachers paired up and provided rotation stations involving retelling of the first Thanksgiving.  Other stations included math and science graphing and sorting as well as writing stations. It was a fun way for the students to learn about customs, tradition, and the reason we celebrate the holiday.  The kids loved it and learned a lot! They ended the rotations with their annual feast where they dressed up, talked about manners and being polite, created table cloths, brought snacks for their friends, and shared why they were thankful for each other.  It was a nice culminating activity to lead them into the holiday.

        Looking into December, it is filled with many activities for our students.  Our older students are currently working on their UIL events and preparing for competition in December.  They are working after school and putting in many hours to make sure they are able to compete well.

Another exciting family event we enjoyed this week was the Winter Wonderland held on December 4th.  This is the annual event for all students and families to come read, play games, do some fun learning activities, and celebrate the season. This very enjoyable experience was at the Rockdale High School campus.  

Another seasonal event is our Second Grade students are involved in is beginning to prepare for their Christmas Variety Show.  This is their annual performance which includes, singing, dancing, acting, and a whole lot of fun! We encourage you to come out and watch the performance on December 20th at 9:30.  Please call ahead to have your badge ready.  

In addition to these things, as we continue in the spirit of generosity and giving thanks, our campus is focusing on giving back to our community through our canned food drive for Christmas Round Up.  Our elementary is donating cans of chicken, corn, and green beans. Currently, the classes are in competition to see which class can bring the most cans. Our collection is growing, and we encourage the children to think of others during this holiday season.  Our hope is that these activities will foster a love of wanting to help others less fortunate than themselves as they grow. At RES, we focus on teaching to the whole child and creating valuable learning experiences that our students will hold onto for a lifetime.