2018 Nov 28: iTigers is an ACE for Rockdale ISD

The Rockdale Intermediate School’s iTigers Coordinator Sandy Robbins is very proud of her program at RIS, and the impact it has had on the intermediate campus. iTigers programs are available on all RISD campuses, and according to Sandy, our school district has benefitted from these programs for well over 10 years.

The Texas Afterschool Centers on Education Program (ACE Program) has been working with Rockdale ISD for the last 13 years and has touched almost every student in Rockdale in one way or another.  ACE is a federally funded grant that awards approximately $500,000 a year to Rockdale ISD.  This Grant is intended to promote success in six areas: grades, attendance, behavior, promotion rates, graduation rates, and college and career readiness.  The ACE Grant is awarded through the 21st Century CLC program supported by the US Department of Education.  In Rockdale, the program is better known as the iTigers program.  

iTigers is more than ‘just an after school’ program.  Most people are only aware of the after school academic tutorials and homework piece of the grant.  For grades K-12, the grant requires that ACE/iTigers must run 36 weeks of the school year. This includes four days a week after school and five days a week before school, as well as six weeks of summer school.  However, the grant also requires an ongoing parent involvement activities and one-time parent events.  ACE/iTigers offers ESL (English as a Second Language) to parents, ED2Go Classes from Temple College, Family-event nights, Parent Fitness workouts, and Parent and Community Advisory Committee meetings.  Furthermore, ACE/iTigers is involved in the Rockdale community. We support our community by preparing monthly lunches at the Senior Citizens Center, donating time and support at community events such as: the Music Festival, the Rockdale Fair, the Fall Festival, Rockdale ISD PTO meetings and events, the RISD Winter Wonderland, at the Community Easter Egg Hunt to name a few.

The grant funds pay for a many services and resources for RISD students and parents:

  • Academic tutorials, homework help, and enrichment facilitators pay
  • Supplies, academic materials, and school technology
  • After school and summer school bus transportation
  • Driver‘s education and various certifications for RHS programs
  • UIL academic practice and competitions
  • Summer camps and Summer school staff
  • Staff development and travel
  • Site Coordinator’s salaries
  • Recreational sports
  • Parent education services and fitness programs

So while you may see the ACE/iTiger program being heavily focused on afterschool academic tutorials and homework help at each campus, just remember, it is SO MUCH MORE!