2018 Oct 17: Pre-Kindergarten Happenings

Rockdale Elementary School’s staff is working very hard to develop a learning environment that is both creative and challenging for their students. This week, the following column was written by Pre-Kindergarten team leader, Kim Pizana for Rockdale Elementary, and she is excited to share what her team has to offer their students.     

   Autumn is the season that teaches us change can be beautiful--we look forward to crisp, chilly mornings, beautiful falling leaves bathed in gold and russet hues, and academic /personal growth in our students. Rockdale Elementary is eagerly welcoming the new season with open arms and oodles of exciting learning opportunities for our children.  From super science investigations and marvelous math experiences to exploring the awesome hometown of Rockdale, all of our students are in for a treat.

         In October, our Pre-Kindergarten, youngest, most inquisitive learners are gearing up for a rip-roaring good time at their 8th annual Pre-Kindergarten Rockin’ Rodeo on Thursday, October 17th!  Families are creating stick horses at home and sending them to school for their children to rope, ride, parade, and rustle up alongside their friends. Students will dress in Western attire and explore various thrilling rodeo-themed stations to sharpen math, literacy, science, and fine-motor skills. In addition, our Pre-K Rodeo coincides with a mini-field trip to the Rockdale Fair on Friday, October 19th.  Partnered with RHS FFA students, we will tour the fairgrounds to learn more about show animals and other FFA activities and opportunities. Mr. Free and his students always make sure we have a grand ‘ole time.

         This November is another exciting month for our students.  Our annual Pre-Kindergarten Extravaganza is also quickly approaching.  Pre-K students and teachers are preparing a delightful and entertaining dramatic presentation with a little singing, a little dancing, and a whole lot of fun for everyone!  The presentation for families will be on Friday, November 16th at 9:30 am in the RES cafeteria. Parents are encouraged to pre-register with the RES Office by calling 512-430-6030.  We sure hope to see you there as we gobble ‘til we wobble!

        Looking ahead to December, the season of thankfulness and giving to others, our students will be focusing on giving back and completing acts of kindness for others in our community.  We partner hand-in-hand with residents of Renaissance Villa and clients of the MARC Center to spread holiday cheer and warm the hearts of young and old alike. This holiday season, our goal is to intentionally focus our hearts and minds on showing kindness, compassion, grace, and love to others.   Young children can learn to give back during the holiday season by sharing a kind word, offering a smile, sharing a toy, drawing a picture, writing or dictating a note, or comforting a friend or family member.  Our hope is that these activities will foster a love of wanting to help others less fortunate than ourselves and as they grow, so will their spirit of kindness and generosity.

         In Pre-Kindergarten at RES, our students and teachers celebrate personal and academic achievements as we work collaboratively with parents to set academic and social goals and celebrate individual and class successes.  We are strongly anchored in academic excellence and are actively cruising to success.