2018 Sept 17: Transformational Year for Rockdale Junior High

This year Principal Kelly Blair and the staff at Rockdale Junior High are making significant changes on the junior high campus that will benefit all students. Ms. Blair would like to highlight those changes for you in this week’s RISD column.

The 2018-2019 school year is underway and the standard for student success at Rockdale Junior High has never been greater. We have begun this school year with clear, measurable goals for the success of every person in our building. This success is not measured by grades alone, but by the imprint, each individual leaves behind.

Our teachers began this year’s transformation with a continued focus on using high-quality curriculum resources. Rockdale Junior High Teachers have new and improved tools to help them engage your students in meaningful and valuable learning across all state assessed subjects. Additional training in the areas of professional learning communities is an extra support to help your local teachers increase skills in analyzing student achievement data, as well as improve campus-wide professional growth and student engagement.  Our PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports) team has grown and continues to seek ways to celebrate all students that are doing the right thing and showing true Tiger Pride. Additionally, RJH teachers began training in a world-renowned program called Capturing Kids Hearts. It is through CKH, that we are striving to create student-teacher relationships that give teachers the chance to impact all students.

What does all of this translate into for the students of Rockdale Junior High? The team at RJH is working harder than ever to focus on learning, but a large part of learning at this age means feeling supported and heard socially. CKH and PBIS work together to do just that. Every student matters and every student should know and believe that. Every student is greeted warmly and professionally throughout the day, and "good things" is a way to have students share about the positive things in their lives.  Our students are guided in a process to build social contracts within each class with the intent of taking ownership of the class and holding each other accountable to reach classroom success.

PBIS has framed all of our student expectations from the perspective of being Safe, Respectful, and Responsible. By simplifying and framing student behavior in this way, we can easily celebrate the students that meet high expectations, as well as provide a clear reason "why" for our students that don't understand the importance of school day structures.

We are so excited about the great things that are happening on campus and throughout our communities. We are blessed to have new faces on campus that are skilled and experienced in helping our students grow and learn. We also invite you all to join us on Wednesday, September 19th for Open House from 5:30 to 6:30 pm to meet familiar and new faces yourselves. As always, thank you for supporting all of us at Rockdale Junior High and we thank you for the opportunity to support you and work with your families.