2018 Apr 25: RJH STAAR Ready

Rockdale Junior High School completed their first round of STAAR testing a couple of weeks ago, and are fired up and ready to finish their second round in two weeks. Ms. Kelly Blair, RJH Principal, and her staff have been working diligently all year to prepare their students for high school, higher education and careers, and through that process be STAAR ready as well. This week Ms. Blair would like to share information regarding the special preparation currently going on at RJH.

With only a few days left until STAAR testing, our teachers have been hard at work preparing students through a variety of STAAR camps after school and, in some cases, on Saturday!  Mrs. Mynar and the science department held a camp this weekend titled S.O.S (Science on Saturday). Forty-two eighth grade students attended the 3 hour session from 10:00-1:00. Students participated in a hands-on comprehensive review in which they created the famous “infinity cube” in their favorite color.  Students will use the cube to review key concepts in the final few days before testing.

Algebra I students are invited on Saturday, May 5th for a Cinco De Mayo themed review camp.  During the “Nacho” average review, students will travel through multiple stations with an expert teacher leading each skill.  At the conclusion of the session, students will leave with a Skills report card, complete with additional practice for areas of difficulty.  

Over the next two weeks, our 6th and 7th grade students will have an opportunity to attend STAAR camps for Math and Reading after school.  Door prizes will be awarded throughout each session. Math will be held on Monday and Tuesday from 3:30-5:00 and Reading the following Monday and Tuesday, May 7-8.  

Our 8th grade students will have one final opportunity to prepare for Science and Social Studies on Tuesday and Wednesday, May 8-9 from 3:30-5:00.  We encourage all students to attend these after-hours sessions!

For those who are unable to attend, teachers have prepared engaging review activities for the final 10 school days prior to state testing.  We are excited to announce our 10-day Rockin’ Review! The launch begins on Thursday, April 26th and continue through May 9th with special attire each day.   

4/26 - Hat Day – Let students break the dress code and wear crazy hats!

4/27 – School Colors Day – Sure, students can wear school shirts, but make it more fun by seeing who comes up with the craziest outfit!

4/30 - Nerd Day – Are your students the smartest around?  Prove it!

5/1 - Wacky Socks – See which student has the funniest socks

5/2 – Neon Day – Everyone can dress up in their favorite bright colors

5/3 – Sunglasses Day – Everyone wear shades and be extra cool!

5/4 – Inside Our Day – Wear your clothes inside out

5/7 - Weird Shoes – Wear the silliest pair of shoes possible

5/8 Tie-Dye Day – Let’s make our school look like a rainbow!

5/9 – Decade Day – Pick a decade (50’s, 60’s 70’s, or 80’s) and have a great time remembering the fashions of the era.