2018 Apr 11: Elementary PreK and Kindergarten Roundup 2018

Rockdale Elementary Pre-K and Kindergarten Round-up will be held later this month. RES Principal Alesha Eoff has some very important information to share with you this week regarding Pre-K & Kindergarten and this special event.

Rockdale Elementary School would like to tell you about an exciting event that we are offering this year.  This year our Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten students will have our annual Round Up at the Rockdale Elementary Cafeteria.  The big event will be Tuesday, April 24th from 3:45-5:25.  All children that will be four years old on or before September 1, 2018 will be eligible to register for Pre-Kindergarten, and all children that will be five years old before September 1, 2018 will be able to register for Kindergarten.  To register, you must present:

*an official Birth Certificate

*Social Security Card

*Immunization Record

*Proof of Residency (utility bill)

*Parent Driver’s License

*Proof of Income (Pre-K students only)

This will be a great opportunity for your little ones to meet their teachers and aides, and start to become familiar with our school.  Daycare will be provided from our Pre-Kindergarten Instructional Aides. We are also grateful that the Milam County Health Department (One Stop Center) will be open at the same time for immunizations for those who need it.  

We have an amazing Pre-Kindergarten program at Rockdale Elementary.  Not only do we have excellent teachers, but also we have increased the quality standards of our Pre-Kindergarten program according to House Bill 4.  Our curriculum is aligned with the Prekindergarten Guidelines, we increased prekindergarten teacher training and/or qualifications, implemented student progress monitoring, provided kindergarten readiness results, and developed quality family engagement plans. Our teachers have worked very hard this year planning and training, attending professional development, progress monitoring our children every six weeks, and implementing the TEA approved curriculum guidelines.  In addition to these things, our students have benefitted from having technology access through IPAD’s for the classroom, as well as the addition of educational software and programs. Our teachers have also worked on several parent and community engagement pieces including a new app which connects parents to student learning immediately. It also provides a digital portfolio which monitors student progress. It is another opportunity for parents to see the wonderful things that our teachers are doing to help our kids and to see what our students are learning.  

The mission of the Pre-K program is to empower, motivate and encourage life-long learners by providing a foundation that nurtures the student’s social, emotional and academic needs. Pre-K is an excellent opportunity for our young learners. Having an extra year to develop a foundation and learn about school is a powerful opportunity for students.  It is our goal to provide a challenging and engaging curriculum for all students in our Pre-K program. A high-quality pre-kindergarten program impacts the education of four and five year old children in many positive ways.  Research has shown that Pre-K impacts the lives of our students in these ways:  it improves the overall educational outcomes for a community, helps children to learn and read on grade-level, makes them less likely to fall behind their classmates in academics, and drastically improves the likelihood that they will graduate high school and attend college.

Our Pre-Kindergarten program embraces and celebrates the diversity of our youngest learners through a variety of hands-on extracurricular activities.  To date, some of these activities include the Pre-K Rockin’ Rodeo, annual Thanksgiving Extravaganza, STEM activities (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math integrated activities), community field trips, and various family involvement projects.  In the near future, the students will participate in the annual QU weddings, Field Day, trip to Crowe’s Nest Farm, and Water Day.

Our Pre-K students and teachers celebrate personal and academic milestones, such as birthdays and the 50th and 100th days of school.  Our students and teachers work collaboratively to set academic and social goals and to celebrate individual and class successes.  There’s no doubt about it, Pre-Kindergarten provides the anchor for an excellent start at R.E.S.

We would like to invite you to come visit our campus for a tour of our Pre-K classrooms.  I think you will be impressed with the quality of instruction, and the nurturing environment that our teachers provide for our students.  I would like to encourage all parents of children ages 4 and 5 to stop by and pre-register during this exciting Round Up event and start your child on the path to success!  We hope to see you all there!