2018 Mar 7: RIS Student Attendance

The importance of children attending shool has and always will be a major reason for their success in school. This week Rockdale Intermediate Principal Kathy Pelzel has reasons why good school attendance is so important.

I'm sure that all of us are aware that school attendance is important. "Being there" is half the battle with any task we undertake. What many don't realize is how critical attendance is to the learning process. Studies have shown that as few as two absences per month can impact student success even when they are excused absences.

Students who attend school regularly are more successful. Even students who struggle with learning will perform better and make significant gains as attendance improves. Regular attendance facilitates learning social skills from interacting with peers on a daily basis. Students who miss very little school time are significantly more likely to graduate.

Reading skills are critical to student success and reading can be heavily impacted by absenteeism. As students reach the third grade, their reading skills have matured to the point where they transition from learning to read into reading to learn. Students with good skills in this area are much more successful, more likely to attend college, and generally become life long learners. 

The staff at the RIS want to let everyone know how much we appreciate parents getting their children to school on time and ready to learn each and every day. This enables us the best possible opportunity to educate our students. There is a great deal of joy in seeing students succeed and achieve their goals.