2018 Feb 14: Bringing History Alive in 8th Grade Social Studies

Social Studies can be a challenge to teach at any level. The ability to make it interesting and meaningful to students is an art that should be recognized. This week Rockdale Junior High Principal Kelly Blair would like to recognize a teacher on her campus that has this art, and is able to put it into action.

Mrs. Jennifer Auvil, 8th Grade Social Studies teacher, is truly bringing history alive at Rockdale Junior High.  In her very first year as an educator, Mrs. Auvil immediately became a teacher leader in the eyes of her peers and students.  She was the only first year teacher nominated as 1 of 5 finalists in our teacher of the year award last school year.  

Mrs. Auvil routinely incorporates current events, re-enactments, demonstrations, parliamentary procedures and Robert’s Rules of Order as part of classroom procedures to provide students with an understanding of Government operations.  Students study the Constitution, Declaration of Independence and other primary source documents to ensure depth of knowledge on laws which our country is founded upon.  Mrs. Auvil’s students participate in a mock election, from registration to an examination of the electoral college as part of the election process.  As a class, students identify US Senators and US Representative for Milam County.  They review their voting record and write letters, thanking them for their service and persuading them to vote differently on a variety of issues.  Students regularly role-play major events of early American History placing themselves in apecific time periods and uniting with our country’s heroes.  

Mrs. Auvil has created an elevated level of enthusiasm and curiosity about US History by bringing history to life as she dresses in characters based on units of study.  Some characters include Paul Revere, Pocahontas, George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson, Lewis Clark, and Sacagawea.  Mrs. Auvil has many guest speakers who will visit her classes and share a unique perspective on early US History.

The Rockdale ISD community, parents, students, and fellow educators are honored to recognize Jennifer Auvil as an outstanding educator.