2018 Feb 21: RHS iTigers Program

This week Martha Gonzales, Rockdale High School’s iTigers Director, has information and an update regarding her program at RHS.

Studies have shown, that high–performing organizations have a common ingredient that points to their success. That ingredient is culture. The culture of winning, perseverance, belonging, and overcoming adversity. Here in Rockdale, most recently, we witnessed this culture first hand, with the State Championship Victory in football. High-performing doesn’t just happen overnight. It has to be rehearsed, repeated, and embraced. I have spoken on several occasions about iTigers and I almost always get the question, “What is iTigers?” Well, today, I’d like to tell you a little more about iTigers at each our campuses, why it is a culture that needs to be embraced, and why it is so important to have this program within our schools and community.

The “i” in iTigers.  The lower case “i” represents the initiative to provide innovative exploration, instruction enrichment, in academics, classes that build the culture of success for the future, and inclusion of all students before and after school at Rockdale ISD.

Why is it so important to encourage attendance and inclusion of all students before and after school? ITigers wants to build a culture of student success by providing academic assistance through tutorials, testing prep, college readiness, and homework help. Each our campuses focus on these aspects both before and after school, to include the summer.  We also build on incorporating enrichment activities such as cooking, sewing, games, theater, karate, dance, and clubs. All the while, promoting and engaging life skills in a safe and fulling learning environment. For example, offering for the first time, a Driver’s Education Class during the school year at the high school campus. This approach can be adapted to the entire school year, before and after school, and it allows the students who wish to take this class the ability to complete it at their own pace.  iTigers’ grant pays a portion of the class total, thus saving our families quite a bit of money.  We have been successful in qualifying over 30 student drivers this last year and currently have 18 students enrolled in the class.

We know that many factors of success, at each of our campuses, cannot happen without the help and participation of our parents/guardians. Beginning this month, we are offering photography classes and ESL classes, free of charge, to parents/guardians of iTigers students.  Also, did you know that we offer Education to Go (ED2GO) classes through Temple College? What does this mean for you as a parent/guardian of an iTigers student? It means that you can apply for online courses though Temple College for FREE. With the work force being so stringent these days, many skill sets are needed. Job applications almost always ask for continuing education experience or certifications. ED2GO, gives you the opportunity to add to your skill set while earning college credits. These classes begin every 6 weeks.  

How can you help build the winning culture of ITIgers? Let’s get involved in these opportunities to engage our youth, our parents, and our community. Let’s encourage participation of the before and after school initiatives and increase support of this important objective.

If you are interested in signing up for any of the Adult Classes, being on our parent/community advisory council, volunteering, or enrolling in any of the classes mentioned above.  Please contact your campus coordinator to get you started.

Martha Gonzales, iTigers Coordinator, RHS, 512-430-6013 or email at mgonzales@rockdaleisd.net

Leesa Perez, iTigers Coordinator, RJH, 512-430-6072 or email at Lperez@rockdaleisd.net

Sandy Robbins, iTigers Coordinator, RIS, 512-430-6226 or email at- srobbins@rockdaleisd.net

Valarie Willingham, ITigers Coordinator, RES, 512-430-6144 or email at vwillingham@rockdaleisd.net