2017 Nov 21: To Serve

During this time of year our community does a great job in providing food, clothing and toys for the members of our community who need a helping hand. It is important that our children understand the value of service in a community, and the many benefits they can gain. A child’s perception of the world around them is very limited. Their home, school and neighborhood are what they know, and what is meaningful to them. They have the perception that the world revolves around them, and their way of life. When children have the opportunity to reach out and help others, their world begins to grow along with their confidence. Other benefits of community service and volunteering, according to a recent survey, include:

  1. Leadership skill development.
  2. Patience when dealing with others.
  3. Learning how to understand people who are different from themselves.
  4. Learning new skills.
  5. Learning how to get along with and relate to others
  6. Learning to be helpful and kind.
  7. Gaining satisfaction from helping others.
  8. Learning to respect others.
  9. Learning how to relate to younger children
  10. Becoming a better person.

The Rockdale Junior High Leo Club sponsored by the Rockdale Noon Lions Club recently had a golden opportunity, To Serve, which is our Lions Club moto. During our Rockdale ISD Veterans Day Luncheon, the RJH Leo Club “Served” our Veterans a delicious meal, and according to many of our Veterans and their Spouses in attendance, our Leo’s service was excellent. I know it made our Veterans proud to see young Americans engaged in an activity that is positive and beneficial for our community since the protection of their rights and freedoms was the main reason for our Veterans service.

Next month our RJH Leos will participate in another service opportunity by assisting with the Annual Rockdale Christmas Roundup. The club members will provide help filling the boxes with food items and toys that will be delivered to needy families in our community.

RISD believes that knowledge is key to success in life for all of our students, but they also need to be exposed to community service.  Every thriving community has a strong network of people donating time and resources to helping others.  We hope they learn good citizenship through projects and have a great time doing it.  It makes them feel good to help others and what better time to emphasize it as we begin our holiday season.