2017 Oct 25: Reading -- Beneficial to All

The ability to Read is a major part of all of our lives. We read continuously whether it is books, magazines, street signs, instructions, recipes, the internet and a multitude of other written information we take for granted. How well we read is based on how important it is to us as individuals. This week Rockdale Intermediate Principal Kathy Pelzel describes a number of benefits for reading not only for our children, but for us adults as well...

Reading is important! I think that is one thing that everyone can agree on. However, have you ever thought about what benefits children get from reading daily? Best Books for Kids recently listed the Top 10 Benefits of Reading. (http://www.best-books-for-kids.com/benefits-of-reading.html)

1. Kids who read often and widely get better at it. - At Rockdale Intermediate students are required to read every night for at least 20 minutes. Parents are encouraged to read with their children and discuss what they are reading.

2. Reading exercises our brains. - It allows our kids to use their imaginations as they are reading. This is much better for our kids than watching tv. Reading is time well spent.

3. Reading improves concentration. - This is something that comes with age. The more you read the longer you are able to focus your attention on what you are reading.

4. Reading teaches children about the world around them. - Reading allows our students to experience life outside of Rockdale. They can visit Mount Rushmore by reading Hanging Off Jefferson's Nose: Growing Up On Mount Rushmore by Tina Nichols Coury or venture to the bottom of the ocean by reading Neighborhood Sharks: Hunting with the Great Whites of California's Farallon Islands by Katherine Roy. Reading opens doors to places one may never travel.

5. Reading improves a child’s vocabulary and leads to more highly-developed language skills. - Students learn much more from reading than just content. They expand their vocabulary and learn to form sentences. Reading improves a student's ability to write.

These are just some of the benefits of reading. Taking time out of our busy schedules to read with our children is clearly an investment in their future that can be enjoyable for the entire family. Rockdale Intermediate School is committed to improving reading for all students by providing reading materials that are of high interest for our students. We are able to do this not only through the campus budget but also through the funds earned from our Book Fair. Our book fair last week was a huge success and I'd like to thank the families who supported our effort to provide library resources for our students by making purchases.  These funds are not just an investment in our libraries, but more importantly, it is an investment in our children!