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Community and Student Engagement

Each week, an RISD campus program or department is featured in an article in The Rockdale Reporter.  You can view the past articles here.

Recent Posts

2015 Sept 23: RHS AVID Program

Life after a student graduates from high school can be a challenge for most if not all students. Ms. Tiffany Commerford has information this week about a new program designed to help lessen the anxiety and stress of the many challenges students face in high school,and after they get their diplomas.

Education of the 21st century is filled with a complex equation of buzzwords and phrases. Among them: “college and career readiness”, but preparing students for life after high school isn’t a new idea.

A San Diego-based nonprofit organization, Advancement via Individual Determination, or AVID, has been doing that since 1980. Its preparedness program has grown to more than 800,000 students in 5,000 schools and 43 colleges and this year we have started it at Rockdale High School.

AVID is an instructional tool box that teaches students the techniques of how to write, ask questions, collaborate, use reading to learn content, and organization with notes, tests, quizzes, schoolwork, and time. AVID works with teachers to teach students how to set goals and become problem solvers whoset strategies that they can use in high school and later in life.

Locally, AVID is offered as an elective to ninth graders and is used as a class to help them navigate high school and begin making plans for post-secondary.The practices taught, such as Cornell Note taking system, are tried-and true and the cornerstone of AVID. Having an organized set of notes that follows a certain format allows students to distinguish between big ideas and concepts and the details that support those big ideas and concepts. Students are then able to transfer the information from short-term to long-term memory.Cornell Notes works on teaching students the strategy of 10-24-7 with their notes, which means spend 10 minutes highlighting important information, after 24 hours write questions about the notes, and 7 days later summarize notes and review notes.

College and career readiness has become an emphasis in schools because today’s careers often require higher education, whether it’s a traditional degree, technical training, or certificate program. The world of work is changing sorapidly it’s becoming more critical for students to think not only college and job how will they prepare for another career, five years later.

AVID provides academic support by teaching study skills, organizational skills, and communication. AVID students must keep binders and planners, which are checked regularly but the really big thing AVID does is teaches students the tools they need to become lifelong learners. At Rockdale High School we continue to work on ways to make our students’ college and career ready and successful in all they do!

2015 Sept 16: RJH Lunch & Learn

Every year Rockdale ISD looks for new innovative ways to provide information to our students, and this year is no different. Rockdale Junior High Principal Mrs. April Eschberger has a new and effective approach to inform her students about various careers during their lunch time.

The new school year is off to a quick, but great start. One of the new additions to the junior high school this year is the Lunch and Learn. This program will allow students to be exposed to various careers and college information. Each month a guest speaker will be coming to the junior high during both lunch periods. The journalism students will be creating the school flyers and the student tickets to attend. Thirty students will be able to sign up to attend the program. Students will bring their lunch to the room and eat as they listen to the speaker. Our goal is to be able to provide ten different speakers that will talk about various careers or aspects of college. Students will be able to attend those Lunch and Learns that interest them.

Our first speaker will be Dr. Dee Ellis on September 30. Dr. Ellis is the state veterinarian and will be speaking to students about veterinary medicine and careers in agriculture. Students interested in these careers will sign-up to attend the lunch. The October speaker will be Dewayne Garrett from KBTX speaking to students about news and sports broadcasting in addition to advertising careers. The November speaker will be Trey Pearson from TSTC (Texas State Technical College). Mr. Pearson will inform students about the application process at TSTC, the programs available to students including welding and HVAC. The speaker for December will be Courtney Paulsen from Little River Healthcare who will provide information to students on medical and health science careers. These speakers will round out our first semester


of school. The second semester will continue to provide additional career and college information. The junior high is looking forward to exposing our students to careers and preparing them for high school and their futures. We are excited to offer our first Lunch and Learn in two weeks and hope that our students will benefit from the program.

2015 Sept 09: RISD Food Services

This week I would like to highlight a very important program on all of Rockdale ISD’s campuses, Food Service. I know most, if not every parent or community member can recall eating at the school cafeteria. Standing in line, getting their card punched and the divided tray with their mini milk carton are memories that stay with us. Like many other school programs, food service has had many changes over the years. RISD is very pleased with our food service management company, Southwest Food Service that prepares nutritious meals for our students every school day. Trevor Lee, Director of Dining Services has a very important and useful announcement regarding a new program parents can access to gain more information about their child’snutrition at school.

SFE (Southwest Food Service Excellence) is excited to introduce the My School Menus™ to your school district. My School Menus™ allows you to quickly and easily access daily menus, nutrient fact labels, meal prices, and allergens. A nutrient calculator and allergen filter ensures that all students, parents, and teachers have a healthy meal option everyday! It will also enable you to plan meals in advance, which can assist in counting calories/points. Additionally, by having access to our online menus, we believe it will help you make healthier choices, as you will have access to nutrition information for the school meal programs right at your fingertips.

It is important to SFE that you have access to the best nutrition because we care about your health. We are excited about My School Menus™ which enables parents, students, and teachers to make healthy food choices 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

Parents of the Rockdale School District can access this service by going to your district’s food service page at SFE looks forward to working together to utilize this app as one more tool to provide your students and community with the best nutrition possible. If you have trouble accessing My School Menus™ or have questions, contact Trevor Lee at (512) 430-6098 or via email at

2015 Sept 02: Communicate with your Child

Our world is in constant change with various innovations that were unheard of 20 years ago. But, one thing that hasn’t changed is our need for effective communication with our children. This week Sandee Calame, our Rockdale Elementary Principal, would like to provide some thought provoking questions that parents can ask their children to achieve more thoughtful responses when they come home from school.

How many times have you asked your child, “What did you learn in school today?” Quite often they utter a word or mumble an incoherent sentence.Here are a few ideas from Terry Heick: When were you most creative today? What does a successful day at school look like to you? How else could you have learned what the teacher taught? How do your teachers show they care? What do you know, and how do you know it? When did you surprise yourself today?What would you like to know more about? What is the most important thing you learned today? Tell me one chance you took today, and how it ended up. What is one thing you learned from a book? What is one thing you learned from a friend? What is one thing you learned from a teacher? Tell me your favorite moment at school today. What did you improve today? Did you experience anything at school that motivates you to make a difference in the world?

Talking with your child is great for oral language and helps your child with their thinking and learning. Even when you think your child is not listening they hear more than you think. Good luck!

2015 Aug 26: RISD's CTE Program

Rockdale ISD has started in full swing, and our students and staff are learning names, schedules and routines during our first week back in school. This year Sari McCoy, who joined RISD last Spring, will be the Director of Career and Technology Education working mainly on the high school campus. At this time, Ms. McCoy would like to share some very exciting information regarding an outstanding new program at Rockdale High School.

What a great start to the 2015 – 2016 school year! We are so excited to have students return to school this week. Our buildings do not seem complete without the voices and faces that fill our classrooms and hallways. It is an exciting year for Rockdale ISD. Each year, our gains are made in strides and we could not accomplish what we do without the talented Rockdale ISD staff, dedicated Tiger families, and the endless support of our community.

This year, Rockdale High School introduces a new Career and Technology course strand for students who are interested in Healthcare. The Health Science Technology courses offer students an intimate look into the careers of healthcare providers. Over a course of 4 years, the students will explore the history of medicine, the various disciplines of medicine, observe patient care delivery in a clinical setting, and earn a certification that propels them into their post-secondary journey.

We would like to thank the Little River Healthcare System for their partnership and support as we enhance our Health Science program. They have generously donated equipment and supplies which enables us to train students with actual items utilized in the clinical setting. We are grateful for Little River’s expertise and guidance as we prepare students for a successful career in the healthcare industry.

Equipped with medical terminology, the knowledge of body systems and functions, and an understanding of disease processes, students will graduate from Rockdale High School with a quality foundation as they pursue a degree in healthcare.

As with all Career and Technology course strands, it is our goal to prepare Rockdale ISD students for success, in post-secondary education and in the 21st Century Workforce, through real-world academic, industry, and leadership training. As the Director of Career and Technology, it is my privilege to collaborate with our community business leaders to ensure the highest level of career preparation is offered to our students. In Rockdale ISD, we challenge and inspire our students to achieve their goals. In return, they change the world.

It’s a GREAT day to be a TIGER!