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Tiger E.Y.E.S (Engaging Youth, Encouraging Success) Mentoring Program

One Child...
One Hour...
A Difference that Lasts a Lifetime...
The Rockdale ISD School-based Mentor Program is designed to organize additional assistance for many of our at-risk students.  This program ENGAGES our YOUTH and ENCOURAGES their SUCCESS.
Goals of Program:
  • Provide positive role models for students
  • Foster relationships between adult members of the community with youth that help students become successful learners
  • Give youth an adult they can depend on for guidance and assistance
  • Build self-esteem in students that will help lead them to success
  • Help students excel academically and make strides toward accomplishing their aspirations
Qualities of Successful Mentors:
  • Like to work with the youth
  • Have a strong desire to help students be successful in school
  • Effective listener without passing judgment
  • Able to see solutions and opportunities in situations as we as barriers: Effective mentors are able to make sense of student issues and help mentees come up with sensible solutions
  • Commitment to spend time with mentee and be involved in schools
  • Always encouraging
Positive Benefits of Mentoring Youth:
  • Better academic performance
  • Student is less likely to drop out of school
  • Students develop better attitudes about school
  • Decrease in student truancy, increase in student attendance
  • Better behavior, decreased discipline issues
  • Students develop better relationships with peers and adults
  • Helps students avoid addictions and gangs
  • Youth become good citizens who later give back to their own community
  • Increase likelihood for students to receive higher education
How to become a Tiger E.Y.E.S Mentor
  1. Commit to mentor a 3rd-8th grade student
  2. Fill out the mentor application and go through the student match process
  3. Participate in the mentor training
  4. Spend 30-minute to 1 hour weekly with matched student
  5. Make a positive impact in a student's life!
One Child...
One Hour...
A Difference that Lasts a Lifetime...