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Help Desk

To request technology assistance inside the district, please enter a ticket through Eduphoria Helpdesk.

SSID’s for the DISTRICT are:
  • RISDstaff and students will use to connect to the wireless. FOR ALL DEVICES. You put your computer login information in to connect. (Same thing as you would login to a desktop computer)
  • RISD-GUEST - for visitors, parents, vendors that are on campus.  Contact Technology for the username and password. The guest network is limited to 6 megabit a sec connection and has other restrictions as well.
  • RISD-1 - no longer available for the High School or Jr High, however RISD-1 will still be visible at the Intermediate and the Elementary for Apple iPads and iPods ONLY and the password will change every few months. An email will be sent with the new password when it changes on those campuses.

Chromebooks will automatically connect to RISD using our GSUITE ADMIN CONSOLE which the IT team manages. 


Who do I contact to reset my passwords
  • Renaissance Learning 
Teacher Accounts - Rebecca
Student Accounts
Elementary-Audrey Pelzel, Intermediate-Valerie Cruz, Junior High-Pat Elliot
  • Computer (Network) - Ken or Hector
  • Student Google accounts - Librarian
  • Eduphoria - self reset (click "trouble logging in?")
  • Designated Campus Support for Xerox Copier Codes

    Elementary - Cathy Garbs

    Intermediate - Dawn Boyd

    Junior High - Caressa Brown

    High School - Roxanne Proudley

    Admin - Donna Springer

    Athletic Office - Denise Betchan

    Band Hall - Adrian Acevedo

    Bus Barn - Shelbye Weise

    Food Service - Sheri Wheeler or Julie Cortez

  • Skyward
Student- Laura Gibbs
Finance - Cecelia Talbott
  • Veritime/Aesop - Christy Betchan/Cecelia Talbott
  • Chromebooks - same as email, Librarian
  • Think Through Math (Imagine Math) - INT, Joe Clark; JH, Pat Elliott

Who do I contact for help adding printers?

  • Open a technology helpdesk ticket in Eduphoria Helpdesk

Who do I contact for help with printers?


I think my projector bulb is going out, who orders this for me?

  • Bulbs are ordered by your campus admin office. Once bulbs are in, then submit ticket for technology to replace the bulb.
Does the school have a laptop I can check-out?
  • Technology has loaner laptops to be signed out.
Does the district have any mobile hotspots that employees can check-out?
  • Each campus library has one mobile hotspot for teachers to check-out for school business trips (i.e. going to a conference and the hotel makes you pay for wifi). Also, these mobile hotspots only have 6 GB of data use, so please only use for email and web surfing and not for video streaming or radio streaming.
Who do I call for help with my Motorola 2-way radio?
  • Contact Call Communications in Rockdale at (512) 446-2413 for assistance in trouble shooting your 2-way radio.
  • Ordering batteries, battery chargers, and charging cables - ordered by the campus and can be purchased from