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Board Members

Board Members

Rockdale Independent School District 

Board of Trustees

Julia Cardona, Raymon Puente, Board President Troy Zinn, Board Vice-President Michelle Lehmkuhl, Charles Miles, Lin Perry, Board Secretary Wenda Dyer 


Michelle Lehmkuhl, Troy Zinn, Wenda Dyer, Lin Perry, Raymon Puente, Charles Miles, and Julia Cardona have completed the required Update to the Education Code and completed and exceeded the required additional hours of continuing education as of December 11, 2017.  The Board and Superintendent Team have completed the required team-building session.  First year Board Members Charles Miles and Julia Cardona have completed Local District Orientation, Orientation to the Education Code, and Open Meetings Training.  Completing the annual required continuing education is a basic obligation and expectation of any sitting board member under State Board Of Education rule.