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Things to Know...4-Day Week Calendar

This is the first segment in an upcoming series of communications to address the 4-day school week for the 2023-2024 school year.

Rockdale ISD is very excited with the new change to the calendar for next year. Thank you to all parents who responded with feedback.

Will there by childcare available on Fridays?

Some parents of younger students have expressed concern over what to do with their children on Fridays when school is not in session. As we have done on Wednesday afternoons, the ACE Tiger grant will help us provide half day sessions on most Fridays for those parents who have no other option. Students will receive academic help and participate in activities. We are currently working through all the details such as: will there be bus service, meals, exact hours and programming. Our campus ACE coordinators are already hard at work to revamp for next year.  Space will be limited and a process for determining eligibility is in development.  Watch for information toward the end of March. All information will go through Parent Square so if you are not receiving texts or emails, please reach out to the school and let them know. 

Next up in the series, what does this calendar mean for extra-curriculars?

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RISD Adopts New Calendar with 4-Day Week

The Rockdale Independent School District (RISD) adopted a new calendar for the 2023-2024 school year, which includes a 4-day school week for students. The new calendar was developed with the input of parents, teachers, and community members and is designed to improve student achievement and enhance teacher retention.

Under the new calendar, students will attend school for four days a week most weeks, from Monday through Thursday. This change will allow teachers to use some of the Fridays as a day for planning, professional development, and collaboration, which will ultimately lead to a better educational experience for our students. Teachers will have the remaining Fridays for family time. 

Superintendent Denise Monzingo noted that the decision to move to a 4-day week was not made lightly, but after extensive research and consideration, it was determined that the new calendar would provide numerous benefits for both students and teachers.

"By shifting to a 4-day week, we will be able to provide more focused instruction for our students and give our teachers more time to plan and collaborate," said Monzingo. "We also believe that this change will improve teacher retention and recruitment by providing a better work-life balance and allowing them to recharge and come back to school refreshed and energized."

The new calendar was developed with the support of the RISD Board of Trustees and will be implemented for the first time in the 2023-2024 school year. The district will provide additional information and resources for parents and students as the start of the school year approaches.

"We are excited about the opportunities that the new calendar will bring, and we are confident that it will lead to better outcomes for our students and our district as a whole," said Monzingo.

About Rockdale Independent School District

Rockdale Independent School District is a public school district located in Rockdale, Texas. The district serves students from pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade and is committed to providing a high-quality education to all students. For more information, visit

2023-24 RISD Student Calendar

2023-24 RISD Calendario de estudiantes

2023-24 RISD Teacher Calendar

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Rockdale ISD school board calls bond election for May 6th

At the January 18, 2023 board meeting, the Rockdale ISD Board of Trustees unanimously approved calling a bond election totaling $30 million to be held on Saturday, May 6, 2023. The bond addresses enrollment growth, safety updates, and aging facilities.

The $30 million bond will be voted on by Rockdale ISD  residents, who will decide on the proposition.

  • Renovations and safety/security upgrades at the elementary school

  • Safety/ security upgrades to the intermediate school

  • Renovations, expansion and safety/security upgrades at the junior high school 

  • Parking expansion and safety/ security upgrades at the high school

Additional details about the May 2023 bond election will be available at in the coming days when the website is launched for the new referendum.

Long-Range Facility Planning  Committee
The Long-Range Facility Planning Committee, which is composed of 27 community and staff members from across the district, formulated their proposal during five meetings where they analyzed current and future facilities needs and developed a comprehensive plan to address district facility conditions to support quality educational programs and student opportunities.

Tax Rate Impact
The maximum tax impact of the 2023 bond referendum would be an additional 4.48 cents per $100 of taxable property value. The tax impact on the average homestead value of $144,101 in Rockdale ISD would be an increase of $46.64 per year, or $3.89 per month, if the bond passes.

Voters will have from April 24 to May 2 to cast ballots during early voting, or they can cast ballots on Election Day, Saturday, May 6. The last day to register to vote in time to participate in this election is Thursday, April 6. New residents are encouraged to check their voter registration to ensure their current address is on file. Only registered voters who reside within RISD boundaries are eligible to vote in the May 2023 bond election.

For more information visit the Bond website:

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Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller Recognizes Rockdale ISD for their Achievements in the Farm Fresh Challenge

Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller announced the nutrition team at Rockdale ISD has successfully completed the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) 2022 Fall Farm Fresh Challenge. Throughout the month of October, Rockdale ISD offered locally sourced Texas foods and provided garden-based learning activities to strengthen students’ appreciation for Texas agriculture. Rockdale ISD shared their achievements on social media throughout the challenge to further champion and promote local food for kids in their schools.

“Participating in the Farm Fresh Challenge has a real impact on students, communities, and local agricultural economies,” Commissioner Miller said. “Connecting Texas farmers with school nutrition programs builds healthy habits that can last a lifetime. I am proud of all the schools that participated in this year’s challenge, and I thank them for the hard work they do to keep young Texans healthy all year.”

Rockdale ISD joined 156 other school districts and charter organizations for the annual event, pledging to Eat Local, Teach Local, and Be Social. By serving healthy and balanced meals, offering agricultural and nutrition education, and prioritizing local Texas foods, the school has demonstrated dedication to the well-being of their students while recognizing the efforts of local farmers and ranchers to provide high quality food.

This institution is an equal opportunity provider. 

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Foundation created to raise private dollars for RISD

[October 5, 2022] - A group of community leaders have come together to form a foundation to support Rockdale ISD public schools. The Rockdale ISD Education Foundation (RISDEF) has announced their focus to enhance community support and to expand resources that enrich teaching, inspire learning, and maximize opportunities for all students in the Rockdale ISD School District.

Education Foundation Directors standing and sitting for formal photo in front of Rockdale Tigers on back wall

The sole purpose of the newly formed Education Foundation is to benefit the district by providing funds for educational programs and activities which are not funded by the normal operating budget. These funds will be used to facilitate student achievement and skill development, to recognize and encourage staff excellence, and to expand community involvement from individuals, businesses, and civic organizations. Funding priorities will also include support for innovative teaching grants that will provide resources directly to the classroom for teachers to implement exciting new educational programs. The grand process is being established and teachers and staff will be eligible to participate in requesting funds this spring.

The Rockdale ISD Education Foundation is a charitable organization under the Internal Revenue Service section 501 (c)(3) and contributions to the organization are tax deductible.  According to Rebecca King, district liaison, the idea for the foundation grew from a need for supplemental funds and awareness of a growing number of education foundations serving Central Texas school districts. “We brought in Foundation Innovation LLC, a firm which specializes in developing foundations to ensure that we meet our first-year goals and objectives,” she added. Foundation Innovation has worked with many communities and school districts in Texas and other states to establish foundations to benefit public school systems. According to Suzi Pagel of Foundation Innovation, “Following in the footsteps of public universities and colleges, K-12 school districts and their local communities are establishing their own foundations to leverage private dollars and expand opportunities for their teachers and students. Education Foundations provide a tangible way for citizens to support and invest in their local public schools.” 

“The Education Foundation Board of Directors is dedicated to our community and educational excellence, and I am proud to serve with them to support and enhance the tools available to the district,” states Ward Roddam, president of the Rockdale ISD Education Foundation. “We are very excited that community members have organized to help attract private funds to benefit our schools,” he added. The executive committee includes Ward Roddam - President, Nathan Bland - VP Finance and Governance, Wenda Dyer, VP Programs, Kasey Delz - VP Marketing and Events, Kaybee Belson - VP Development, Renee Knesek - Secretary, Dr. Denise Monzingo - Superintendent of Schools, and Haley Leopold - Director-at-Large. Additional board members include Dr. John Mike Weed, Lee Jenkins, Gaye Bland, Kelli Timmerman, Jenny Gebhart, Kirk Williams, and Ferlando Giles. Rebecca King is the foundation's liaison with the district.  

More information can be found on the foundation’s page on the district’s website as well as on Facebook.


Facebook: @RISDEducationFoundation


For donations: