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Examination of Acceleration

Rockdale ISD offers opportunities for students to accelerate as appropriate.  Secondary students may earn credit in academic subjects, and elementary students may accelerate a grade level, by passing the appropriate examinations for acceleration.  Exams will be offered for all elementary grades and most TEKS-based courses in grades 6-12.

The purpose of examination for acceleration is to allow a student to accelerate and earn credit for a particular course or grade level without formal instruction in that course or grade level.  The student must score a minimum of 80% on the required tests taken for the appropriate course/grade that the student wishes to accelerate out of.  Elementary students must earn 80% on each grade level exam (language arts, math, science, and social studies) in order to accelerate.

Any RISD student currently enrolled K-12th grade is eligible to participate in testing without charge at the time of the regularly scheduled administration, with a campus recommendation.

Parents or students interested in participating in examination for acceleration should pick up a registration form from the counselor's office at their campus or download a form from the link below.  All registration forms must be returned to the counselor's office at their campus

Window for Examination for Acceleration      Registration Deadlines (4:00 PM CST)
November 18-19, 2021      October 29, 2021
March 24-25, 2022      February 25, 2022
May 19-20, 2022      April 22, 2022
August 4-5, 2022      July 1, 2022







Application - Examination for Acceleration 2022-2023.pdf

Application - Examination for Acceleration 2022-2023_Spanish.pdf